Vaikunda Ekadhasi

The Swargavaathil Ekadashi in Veluththa Paksham in Malayalam month Dhanu is very important. The Shuddhi Karmas starts from Ashtami. There will be Navakam, Panchagavyam and Sreebhoothabali on this special occasion. There will be Vilakkezhunnallippu and Udayaasthamana Pooja as well. These Vazhipaadu are being offered by different devotees.

There will be Pakalppooram on the Ekadashi Day only. The Ezhunnallippu from the Sreekovil will have only the Kolam; one maala will be adorned on it and there will be no Thidambu. One thing is to be remembered that the many elephants that are taking part in the Ezhunnallippu are arranged without any cost (Ekkam) to the temple; it will be totally free of cost. If the elephants are affected by abdominal complaints or any other related disorders, the owners used to pray before the Dhanvanthari Moorthy and offer to provide the elephant for the Ezhunnallippu free of cost.

After completing the Melam in Pakalppooram in the western entrance, Nadakkal Para is usually being arranged that is offered by many devotees as a special Vazhipaadu. The performers of the musical instruments (thaalavadyam) are attending here just to offer themselves to the Lord Dhanvanthari and not for any reward. The Ezhunnallippu will also be performed during night. The main programs including Panchavaadyam, Thayambaka, Keli, and Melam will be performed accordingly, as scheduled.


The offering made by arranging and decorating flower garlands and lighted lamps inside the Sanctum Sanctorum as well as all around the templeis called Niramaala. The Ezhunnallippu using the elephants, Panchavadyam, Thayambaka and Melam are the main attractions of Niramaala vilakku.

In addition, Paattukachcheri, Dance, Harikadha, Kadhakali, etc. are also taking part associated with the Niramaala vilakku. It is believed that if a devotee comes to see Lord Dhanvanthari on the special day of Swargavaathil Ekadasi, he will get one year’s benefit out of it. Niramaala, Prathishthaadinam, Ashtamirohini, Kucheladinam, Guruvayoor Ekadashi, Sthrothra Panchashika Day, etc. are the important occasions in this temple.