Vaikunda Ekhadhashi 2022

The Lord to whom this hymn in attributed is the presenting Deity in Sri Dhanwanthari Temple at Nelluvai. Lord Dhanwanthari is worshipped as God of Medicine according to Hindu Religious Texts. To provide asylum to the ailing mankind Lord Mahavishnu has incarnated in himself different manifestation in all the four epochs viz: kritha, thretha, dwapara and kali. In kritha yuga, while churning out the Milky Ocean by Davas and Asuras, the god has emerged as Dhanwanthari, the God of Medicine, with the urn containing nectar (Amrutham) in one hand and jaioogam (Leech) in the other. There are very few temples in india where, Dhanwanthari is the principal diety. Among these, the temple situvated at Nelluvai is one of the most prominent and ancient. Legends says that the idol of Sree Krishna at Guruvayoor is the one worshipped by Sri Nandagopar and the idol installed at Nelluvai was worshipped by Sri Vasudevar. The temple is situated at Nelluvai in Thrissur District, 9 kilometers west of Wadakkanchery Kunnamkulam Road. The rice fields provide a lush green ambience and in the front, the two giant peepal trees welcoming the devotees with their leaves fluttering in the wind as if they arechanting hymns in prais of the lord.

The most important festival is the Vaikunta Ekadasi falling in the Malayalam Month Dhanu (sagitarius). This years Vaikunta Ekadasi Festival is on 13-1-2022. Preceeding Ekadasi, Udayastamana Pooja and Annadanam is conducted daily from 28-10-2020. All devotees are welcomed to the adobe of Lord Dhanwanthari to great with his benedictions and are requested to extend their valuable co-operation.

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