“Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaaya, Dhanwanthare Amrutha Kalasa, Hasthaaya Sarvamaya Vinaasaaya, Thrilokya Naadhaaya Mahavishnave Namaha!”


The uninterrupted and completely devoted Naamajapa from Nirmaalyadarshanam in the morning to Aththaazhappooja during night is called Bhajanam. The Dhanvanthari Moorththi in the Nelluvai Temple is the all-important God of Ayurvedic Doctors. It is believed that if Bhajanam is undertaken with full devotion, Bhakthi and cleanliness, the Vaidyas (Doctors) will get additional healing power while giving treatment to their patients, satisfaction and will be provided with the best treatment results. The great personalities who performed Bhajanam in Nelluvai Temple and received overwhelming popularity include Kuttancheri Moos, Vaidyarathnam P.S. Warrier, Aryavaidyan P.V. Rama Warrier. Even today, the Doctors who complete Ayurveda Medicinal practice observe Bhajans and read the Ashtangahridaya, which is considered to be the Basic Text of Ayurveda, in Nelluvai Temple before stepping into their profession. That results in essential and fruitful treatment results and helps acquiring more and more knowledge in their profession. The Pandit and famous poet Melpathur Bhattathiri performed Bhajans in front of Lord Guruvayoorappa and wrote the famous poem Narayaneeyam and got relieved from rheumatoid arthritis. Similarly, the famous Astrologist and Poet Vidvan Machatt Ilayath who performed Bhajanam before the Dhanvanthari Moorthi and wrote the poetry Sthrothra Panchashika, got complete relief from his skin disease. Several devotees, who recovered from various diseases after their Darshan to Lord Dhanvanthari, come again to Nelluvai Temple and perform Bhajanams.